I liked to look at those “things” through Tumblr

I liked to look at those “things” through Tumblr

Because let’s face it: It’s got https://hookupdate.net/millionairematch-review/ a lot of porn on it of all shapes and sizes. Eventually, I did come across some erotic furry images. And, I thought they looked quite nice. Then I started reading furry comics. And- okay, you know where this is going. I came across a Naylor comic. Which comic was that? Pussycats. Yeah, Pussycats was the first Naylor comic I read. Though, I didn’t bother to look up the guy himself to find out who made it, despite me reading it over and over. I just wanted to look at more yiff. That wasn’t until I started seeing more and more of the same art style as Pussycats. You know, because they were made by Jay. That’s when I got curious and wanted to read as many of them as I could. I believe it was around at that point. Then I decided to go to his website and read Better Days and Original Life In late . And yes, I have read every page of each up to this point.

Alright, now here comes the part I’ve been wanting to get off my chest. Here’s how I became involved with the furry community. Remember when I started DeviantArt? Well, a lot of you probably don’t, since most of my viewers started coming in July and August, but that’s back when I’ve just recently finished reading Original Life. And I began talking to random furries online. One of the first ones being . And he’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. That’s when I learned that there are huge advantages to talking to people online; you’re able to find really awesome people a lot quicker than offline. I mean, my offline friends are great, too, but I feel like I can make a friends a lot quicker online. Sure, that also means you’re able to find really terrible people quite easily, too, but you can avoid them easily. Well, easier than real life.

More or less, that is. Yes, I do have a fursona. Though, I don’t wanna link to it since it contains nudity. And all of you out there aren’t watching me to jack off (that would be really weird and confusing if you were). You’re watching me make reviews of things and stuff. I will get back to doing that, but not right now. I had to write this. At this point, I’ve been writing for 1.5 hours. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Back in May of this year?

One more thing: If you wanna criticize me for being underage for doing this sort of stuff, then go ahead. I don’t care. I am on a few furry sites, but only ones where I’m able to enter. I’m not on FurFling because you’re required to be at least 18 years of age. I’m on F-list because it’s not required for you to be at least 18. I know I’m not doing something good. This is totally illegal for me to do. And who knows? I might be sued. Well, maybe not, but something bad might happen. And I might deserve it. I just don’t give a crap. Go ahead and do whatever you want.

Then came exam week at my school at the end of week, that’s when I launched my Kik account

So, let’s begin with how I found out about furries. It all started back when I discovered Rule 34 in . I looked at… Things that excited me. I’m not gonna say what those things are at the moment, because I’m not THAT open yet, but let’s just say I’ve seen… Things.

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