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It will be the first time during my lifestyle that we possess seen a great bishop print details of the fresh so named “laicisation” out-of an effective priest.

Actually Dad Geoghegan is still required by chapel rules so you’re able to extend the final Rites to help you some body in danger of passing.

Father Geoghegan didn’t indication this new versions installed side off him because of the Phonsie freely, willingly and you can versus fear and you can bullying.

The fresh new priest whom implemented Dad Geoghegan meet up with Phonsie wasn’t a canon lawyer and not capable bring your the best way forward and you may coverage.

Did PHONSIE Reveal HORRIFIED Kids A live ABORTION Film During the LOURDES Within the 2019?

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Inside the present weeks your site features learned about an annoying show out-of situations you to took place in the 2019 diocesan pilgrimage to help you Lourdes out of Waterford & Lismore which was provided Phonsie Cullinan.

It’s my realizing that in pilgrimage and without adult agree a small grouping of young adults was basically shown a video clip by Phonsie you to definitely displayed from inside the graphic outline an entire means of a keen abortion.

We have been incapable of figure out in case the clips are the brand new well-recognized anti-abortion business, Brand new Silent Shout, or if it are probably one of the most graphic videos produced by the American-centered conservatives.

We are hoping (by the an amount cleric regarding Waterford and you may Lismore) that the demonstration of one’s videos is actually provided by folks from Opus Dei towards specific acceptance out-of Phonsie. And you can, I think you to Phonsie is establish for the appearing of the movies.

Understandably, brand new artwork films created significant stress for the teenagers present that has (I know) zero forewarning on which these were gonna be found. Abortion was a good grave worst, yet not, the newest utterly misguided actions from the people from Opus Dei and you may Phonsie is completely harmful to the fresh new specialist-existence bring about. It may be argued that step on much time-run is actually restrict-active with the specialist-life bring about whilst often bolster the professional-choices leanings of these young adults. It will also after that alienate them regarding sacramental longevity of the newest Chapel.

I am told that a number of the young adults, that has telephoned its parents inside high distress, returned to Ireland the following day. And that experience provides remaining them with a very negative sense out-of exactly what need become a joyous and trust-occupied pilgrimage so you’re able to Lourdes.

This might be, definitely, a separate analogy during the an excellent litany from terrible decision-and come up with from the great ethical crusader, Phonsie this new Dispicacle out-of Waterford.

While the website subscribers of my weblog will know, I have been extremely important out-of Phonsie. That it issue are justified and you will proportionate.

Regarding the most obdurate styles Phonsie failed to manage the fresh new allegations which were a couple of times brought to their attract about Fr. Richard Purcell, the former Abbot from Mount Melleray Abbey.

Any time Phonsie may have eliminated because of the Decree – Purcell’s characteristics regarding the Diocese regarding Waterford & Lismore. As an alternative, the guy grabbed all of the opportunity to next deepen the fresh new scandal by concelebrating the latest Eucharist in public places that have Purcell.


Over and over again you will find discovered that those who are reported to be the absolute most “CONSERVATIVE” bishops are the essential corrupt as well as the extremely depraved. So-called conservative bishops use an effective theologically old-fashioned facade to shield its individual immoral life in order to after that disguise the reality that they is tortured and you will cruel anybody. Usually, too, they are gay.

The latest sexual positioning regarding Phonsie is truly irrelevant, however, one can possibly persuasively believe his apathy to your wrong-undertaking from Richard Purcell tends to make your “gay friendly” that’s extremely at variance along with his extremely societal ethical crusading. #isphonsieinthecloset.

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